I was pleased when someone shared this item about Vanessa's storytelling in London here. No, I'm not biased, hemhem... well not much!

I'm proud of Vanessa but a book I saw recently is the way NOT to do a story. Foyles was displaying this copy of Jabberwocky You'll see that someone called Jennifer Adams is credited as the author and Lewis Carroll or C.L. Dodgson is not credited anywhere (unless you count the header "Little Master Carroll") .Maybe this will catch on? If you can't write your own stuff, just find something well known by someone who is dead, copy out bits of it and pretend you are really the author. You can then get your book into major bookstores with minimum talent and work.

There are some fun illustrations though. And some Carroll collectors might want this for its curiosity value, though I doubt it. I wonder how many people do this kind of thing?