One of the top "Alice" related sites, run for many years by Lenny De Rooy, in the Netherlands. It's a treasure trove of all things "Alice" and has a nice online shop too.
Surrey History Centre
This archive near London has a great deal of Carroll-related material.
Lewis Carroll Society of North America The Lewis Carroll Society of North America has useful information on Carroll and a good selection of links.
Lewis Carroll Society (LCS) of Great Britain A range of interesting material about Carroll-related artwork, shows and exhibitions, and info about the Society's publications, events, etc.
The Lewis Carroll Centre, CheshireAn engaging and colourful site, run by the parish church where Lewis Carroll's father was rector for many years and where Carroll spent much of his childhood. It is well worth visiting the modern and well appointed centre itself if you happen to be in Cheshire.
The Victorian Web A fabulous resource, extremely useful when researching anything about the Victorian era. It doesn't only cover the conventional and predictable aspects of Victorian life, but goes into all kinds of byways too.
Victorian Research Supplies very wide-ranging advice and offers links to practical information for Victorian researchers.
Croft on Tees Village Website The excellent website for Croft on Tees where Carroll grew up. Croft also has links with Byron -not bad for a village!
David Wheldon David Wheldon, a poet, novelist and doctor, has written a very good article on Carroll. His site has very interesting explorations of issues relating to creative perception and understanding.
Mythstories A child-friendly site all about stories, storytelling, myths and archetypes and how they form a background to our lives, our culture and even our spirituality.
Poems by Lewis Carroll Useful collection of Carroll's poems, some of which can be quite tricky to find online.
Self-publishing Our experience of publishing a short run academic book

Solution to the "Puzzle from Wonderland"
in the "From Somewhere In Time" blog entry of 29 August 2008:

"In Shylock's bargain for his flesh was found
No mention of the blood that flowed around
So when the stick was sawed in pieces eight
The sawdust lost diminished from the weight."