THE MYSTERY OF LEWIS CARROLL has been widely reviewed and mentioned in media all over the world. I've put links to some of the reviews here.


Lewis Carroll was secretive and self contradictory, revelling in double meanings, false reflections and puzzles.  From "Alice in Wonderland"'s first appearance in 1865, he shunned personal publicity, and used the Victorian equivalent of "spin" to conceal himself from the world.  After his death, his huge family censored and destroyed many private documents.

This book shines a light onto the living, breathing, unusual and sometimes exasperating human being that they tried to hide.

New Information

Although the elusiveness and strangeness of Carroll's personality is acknowledged, he is shown as a real human being who lived, breathed and had a life.

The book contains a chapter on Carroll's personal bank account - material discovered by the author. This document, covering over forty years, casts hitherto unseen and unconsidered light upon Carroll's life.

The book also uses previously unpublished letters from Alice's sister to help unravel the reason why Carroll's friendship with the Liddell family came to an end.

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The Chapters

The ten chapters cover themes in Carroll's life. They are: Family,  Mathematical Oxford, The Human Body, Love and Sex, Children, Religion, Spirits and Ghosts, Alice, Writing, Photography and  Money.