I folow Nathan Bransford's blog - he used to be an agent with Curtis Brown and is now an author himself. ((I had an agent at Curtis Brown once, Imogen Parker, nice lady who turned into a novelist and stopped being an agent. So based on those 2 examples, it's obvious that agents are really frustrated authors. )

Anyway I read about Spaghetti Agents in Nathan's blog and since then I've read several references to spaghetti agents and publishers.

Basically, they hurl your book at the wall and hope that something sticks somewhere.

Although I've read lots of stuff about book marketing and promotion, this is just one more thing to baffle me. The bottom line is that I don't understand how creative work (writing, music, art) makes real money, big money, enough to pay for office buildings and publicists and editors' and agents' salaries.

I've made a respectable amount from the Mystery of LC's American sales but it's definitely more "new car" or "new kitchen" money than "phew that's the underpinning sorted out" money
Must try to find a professional book markete'r's blog to get an insight into what really goes on.

So off to look for a book marketer's blog.