All sounds very nerdy but I subscribe to Google Alerts, which flags every new reference to the book. It's saying now that (the US site) only has one copy of "The Mystery of Lewis Carroll" left in stock. (They've ordered more.) It also shows it's currently #3 in books by and about Lewis Carroll, and #24 in British 19th Cent. Literature & Fiction.

Mostly I've stopped looking at these rankings, because they are constantly changing, but one can develop a nerdy fascination with how the book is going up and down.

The main problem at present is how to get "LC in his Own Account" onto It's listed on the UK site as being available internationally, but not sure how foreign customers are supposed to know this if it doesn't come up on their country's site. Seems that Amazon could be missing a trick here.

The picture above is to prove I'm NOT NOT NOT a nerd. It's Wallpaper* magazine's illustration for its "Istancool" feature. I once went to an event at Wallpaper* and it was fun but the people were almost too cool to speak.