I've recently got Sidney a subscription to the DFC comic. It's a traditional type of child's picture comic written by proper children's authors, and illustrated by proper artists. It is great, and Sidney adores it and any child with an IQ over 95 probably will love it too. But, it's only available on subscription. Why?

Actually I had been planning to buy him the "Beano" each week (or at least introduce him to it so he could buy it himself with his pocket money) but then I went to W.H. Smiths and couldn't find the "Beano" for ages. Finally the sales assistant looked at me as if I was stupid, took me by the arm and led me to the children's section and kindly pointed it out.

And eeergh! There it was, a bloated intruder that had swallowed up the REAL Beano. Still, the strips weren't bad, and it did have a free toy gun, so it is as non-PC as ever.