I don't want to turn into a youtube nut but I'm still a Disney nut and I'm pleased to see that Mickey Thru The Mirror is on Youtube!

Mickey's adventures are inspired by "Through the Looking Glass" which he's reading before he goes to bed. It turns into a song and dance routine with lots of brilliant visual gags, like Mickey dancing with a pack of cards.

There are lots of Carroll references to both Wonderland and Looking Glass and some equally brilliant Disney ideas, such as both reflecting bits of the jealous King of Hearts pulling out their swords and trying to chop his head off.

Among Disney's very first ever short films was a series based on "Alice in Wonderland". I don't think they've ever been released. They were live action against a cartoon background and the cartoons were way, way better than the live action. The little girl "star" was talented though.

Thinking a bit more about the Youtube movie ideas, I've been looking through my photos. Here's an image, not photoshopped, that I found in a churchyard, of faded plastic flowers. Hope I'll find a way to use it somehow. In a country churchyard....