Very exciting to get the US proofs in the mail today. My excitement was somewhat lessened when the first thing I saw when I opened the book was an error which I thought I had corrected. I'm hoping that it appears correctly in the finished copy.

But it's funny how you can slave away getting things right and then find that you haven't. When we self published "Lewis Carroll in his Own Account" I was insanely pernickety about the editing, since there was nobody else to do it. I checked, double checked and triple checked every word and number. So I couldn't believe it when we got the finished copies back from the printer and instantly the book, as if by magic, opened onto a particular page, and my eye, as if by magic, was drawn to an error. I really felt like one of those suckers in a Derren Brown sketch!

PS I'm supposed to do something with this. I expect I'll figure it out.