They never stop. Yet another version of Alice-inspired confusion is being shown on the Sci Fi Channel - Nick Willing's miniseries ALICE was reviewed rather well in "Slate". I haven't yet seen it, and so can't recommend it. To tell you the truth, the reason I'm mentioning it is that I know someone who worked on it and has his name on the credits.

By the way the Sci Fi Channel is now called Syfy. A sad name, IMHO yet perhaps they did it to facilitate search, because when you google "syfy" it comes up first. On the other hand "Sci Fi Channel" comes up with the Sci Fi Channel UK - or at least it does if you live in London. It looks more fun than Syfy, too.

Anyway Syfy has a sneak Alice preview on their site. And that's my own little Sci-Fi photo at the top, taken while driving along one mysterious foggy night.