Although I'm English, the Saturday Evening Post is part of my childhood. My Dad used to be stationed in Germany and we used to go to the PX Stores - I think they were called - which was the equivalent of our NAAFI, which sold stuff from "back home" to military staff stationed abroad. One of the things my parents used to buy there (apart from weird American breakfast cereal) was the Post. I used to really enjoy reading it. In fact, we all did.

Now, they've decided to restore fiction to the Post and they're encouraging writers to submit (here are their submission guidelines).

I think that magazines should go much further. There's a whole load of writing talent out there, and so why not run a contest , and the price of entry would be a 3 month subscription to the magazine?

I often just don't think of buying a magazine but when I get it every month I start missing it if it is not there.

I am no marketing genius but it does seem a bit surprising that nobody has done this yet. So it makes me wonder if there is a good reason why not.

Whatever, magazines and newspapers have to do SOMETHING. Everyone wants to write, nobody seems to want to buy, and there's not enough money in online publishing for businessmen to want to invest good money in it.