Nigel of Bermondsey wrote some Lewis Carroll music which I'm going to put on here as soon as I can figure out how. Meanwhile, here's some of his music.

He has been having some friendly talks about music with Barry Albin Dyer of funeral directors F.A. Albin & Sons. As anyone who has watched the TV programmes knows, Barry's funerals aren't like anyone else's and he's very much part of the Bermondsey scene.

Vanessa is writing stories set in Bermondsey. If she'd only stop saying they were for kids, I reckon she would find someone to publish them. I love them. Bermondsey is an amazing place with a very long, very rich and very fascinating history. I'm hoping the yuppies don't squeeze out everything historical and tough and raw and interesting and turn it into endless luxury flats which could be anywhere from Miami to Helsinki.

I don't think Lewis Carroll ever visited Bermondsey, or, at least, if he did, he never said. A bit too rough for him, I expect.