I got so sick of my birthday being on January 14 that I changed it to May 14. Both my parents died within a few days of Jan 14 and of course Lewis Carroll also died on that date, although I couldn't compare that with my parents in any way. And January's a cold, miserable time of year too. So now, I celebrate my Unbirthday on May 14 and I feel much better for it, not to mention 5 months younger!

And next Unbirthday, I know the cake I would love to have... it is THIS one!
Chrshire cat.

Unfortunately the person who makes these cakes is in Ireland. But if you live in Ireland, you might like to contact her for your cake needs. Her name's Ruth Keogh and she has a bakery in Letterkenny called Tiers of Joy.

I don't even know the woman and I've never been to Letterkenny but I don't mind recommending her. This lady is obviously a genius with the icing-bag.