Here are promised are some of the images from "Apricot"'s book on responses to Fukushima from the children who lived there, a kind gift from my friend Katsuko in Abiko, Japan. I really hope this book will be translated into English one day - I am sure I would gain something by reading the words. "Apricot" must be an interesting woman, very geared towards the inner world of children.

It's hard to choose individual images, but I find this one particularly powerful, with its grotesquely towering wave - there is something monstrous about it, as if it is an animal

towering wave

Here are details: the surfer, riding the wave of his life - is he happy?


But these people are cowering in the wave's path

The violently coloured red tunnel in the next picture suggests fear

and this small picture seems to me a wonderful representation of the agitation of wind and waves, curiously beautiful.

I hope it helped the children to portray their feelings in art. When something this big happens, art is often a way to deal with it. In fact, I'd suggest that creative self expression is one of the best ways of dealing with difficult issues in life - and that includes writing and music.