black and white

I have been away lately so rather a lot of things have piled up that I have meant to post. So here they are, at last.


I got more charming cards from Yoshi, in Japan. The one above reminds me of illustrations in one of my books when I was a child - I am now trying to remember which one it was. The artist Samidare Kauru signed one of the cards for me, too

and the package arrived about a week ago when I was just about to go away. Yoshi also sent a Tokyo underground map, in English - and so well designed that it makes the system look almost simple. Simple = good. :)


And then, there are some events. If you're anywhere near OXFORD, go along for its annual Alice Day - click the link here for more information. Major organisations and businesses in the city have come together in events which celebrate the theme of "Underground."

From my point of view, the most interesting events are probably the talks about aspects of Alice at The Old Fire Station Sarah Stanfield and Franziska Kohlt of the LCS will both be speaking, the former about the origins of the story, the latter about some other magical underground tales.


And here in London, at Morden Hall Park,the National Trust property near Wimbledon, Sixteen Feet Productions is putting on a performance of Alice in Wonderland between 1-4 August, 3 PM and 6 PM each day.