CLD board

According to London blogger "The Great Wen" an "Alice" chessboard hand painted by Sir John Tenniel has come up for sale.

I'm a bit sceptical myself, but without comparing the illustrations closely with these pen and ink drawings, I can't tell whether the newly discovered images are merely someone's copy of the Tenniel pics (complete with copy of Tenniel's monogram) or whether Tenniel chose to exactly copy his own illustrations of years before. The sketches on the chessboard have the easy lines that suggest they were done by a professional artist, but I am sure a lot will depend on the provenance of the board.

Anyway, click on the link to read more about it. Not to mention more about the "Alice Boutique" due to open in Cecil Court, which will be selling reproductions of the board at 3,500 each. I hope that they will remember the difference between the Red Queen and the White Queen before they get much further, don't you?

What is this below? A pawn? I don't remember this image but I am sure it will be in the illustrations somewhere.