In the quaint little old church at Vowchurch, in Herefordshire, I found this - a photograph of Skeffington, Lewis Carroll's brother, who was vicar there over a hundred years ago.

Carroll spent a lot of time and trouble trying to sort Skeffington out. Skeffington today might have been diagnosed with some kind of problem - perhaps Asberger Syndrome. He liked doing the same thing over and over again, but was very kind and affectionate. He failed his exams and had great difficulty settling down in a job, but he remained very persistent.

His children were very fond of him, despite his funny ways, and his marriage was happy. In fact, in some ways, he was the one out of eleven Dodgson children who lived what we might call a normally happy life, married to someone he loved, in a job he liked, in an environment that suited him. He loved to fish in the local river - fishing, too, was a hobby he had persisted with all his life.