Found an interesting clip of the whole of the first ever feature film of "Alice in Wonderland" made in 1903, with a commentary by a guy from the British Film Institute.

There's been a bit of comment on the Lewis Carroll Yahoo group about the analysis of Carroll's writing, and I've posted some further thoughts on the subject there.

I'm getting ready to go and spend two days getting to grips with my chapter on Carroll and his puzzles, maths, games, acrostics. Not being in the least a lover of games, and not ever having shone at Maths at school, this is the chapter I am dreading most, and a very distinguished Carroll scholar who is also a mathematician has kindly offered to help me through it.

Between you, me and the rest of cyberspace, I reckon I'll need some help. Hopefully, by the end of the week, I'll be up to speed, though.