Alice Liddell as a young woman
One point I've made often about Carroll, is that you learn a lot more about the events of his life by looking at everything in context and against a background of people living a real existence

Look at these two photos of Alice Liddell. One was taken by Carroll, and shows Alice as a child. The other is by Julia Margaret Cameron, and shows Alice as a young adult.

As you can see Mrs. Cameron got Alice to stand copying the "beggar girl" pose of Carroll's picture, with one hand on the hip and the other held in a cupped shape.

So someone - Alice? Alice's family? thought it a good idea to copy the pose in Carroll's photo. Carroll's picture must have seemed to be specially worth drawing attention to. I wonder why.

Then, isn't it striking how different in personality the two Alices seem? Emotionally, what do the pictures convey?

So many questions arise...