There's an interesting giveaway of THE MYSTERY OF LEWIS CARROLL at wb32 You have to leave a comment on the photos from the book in order to win. It ends on 11 April, so check it out if you want to win a free copy.

Another EXTREMELY nice and perceptive review from Clarion Friends of Pennsylvania I am delighted that they have embraced the fact that there are bound to be mysteries in ambiguities in any biography, and appreciate that I have tried to stay away from glib conclusions.

And, to add to the good news, I have had some more wonderful gifts from Yoshi in Japan.

From Japan

Here they are. You see there some copies of Alice in Japanese (complete with Tim Burton movie flash) I was surprised that the books are so small - smaller than our paperbacks. I wonder if written Japanese takes up less space than Western script, so they can have smaller books. Maybe some Japanese person can tell me :)


There is also as you see a collection of artistic modern postcards, one of which is inscribed to me. (It is the one on the far left, which I have shown the back of).

I am very pleased with this generous gift.