. I feel a review coming on...

This is me, feeling a review coming on.

There has been quite a bit of news coverage of THE MYSTERY OF LEWIS CARROLL in publications as far afield as Chile, and there was a sizeable piece in the London Sunday Times last week. I've also been interviewed for various publications and radio programmes in various parts of the world, and I'm told that there are also reviews in the pipeline in both the US and UK. So far I have only noticed a few reviews, and none of them are in print publications - but then I don't see US print publications and the book is not yet published in the UK.

It is a strange feeling to have one's book criticised publicly. So far the response has not been negative, and I imagine when I do get hurtful negative responses (as I surely will) I'll only feel cross if it seems the reviewer hadn't read the book properly, or is deliberately misrepresenting it. . Still, I'd have that in common with Carroll. It seems many of the criticisms of him - like the paedophile one I've linked to below - are made by people who know almost nothing about what he really said and did.

Here are a couple of the online reviews:

Fantasy Book Review


I'm very pleased with Jonathan Wilkin's review on Amazon.com. I appreciate it because he has bought the book himself and taken the trouble to say what he thinks in a thoughtful considered way, on Amazon. . Even if the reviews aren't as good as Jonathan Wilkin's, it makes me feel that my words are connecting with real people.

I've put the "paedophilia" article on another page of this site, so it will stay there permanently