I've just stayed at the Old Vicarage bed-and-breakfast, Vowchurch, Herefordshire. This village's main claims to fame are that it is where Elinor Brent Dyer (of "Chalet School" fame) once worked, and Carroll's younger brother Skeffington was the vicar.

I can entirely recommend the bed and breakfast, which I've reviewed on my travel writing blog.

As for Skeffington: well, some of the eleven Dodgson siblings were a shade eccentric, and Skeffington definitely was. Carroll, with a touch of evil mischief, once gave him the gift of a flute and a flute tutor. Skeffington was not good at much, but he was very persevering. He never gave up trying unsuccessfully to learn the flute. I suspect that after a while his family wanted to break it over his head.

As Vowchurch was a very poor parish, its wonderful little church escaped extensive Vctorian restoration. Its old woodwork depicts what seem to be Adam and Eve, and there are some curious rustic 17th century plaques.

"Adam" at Vowchurch

There's also a permanent display about Skeffington and the Carroll connection. This includes copies of some letters Carroll wrote to Skeffington. They are pretty sarky. It looks as if he probably teased Skeffington a lot - but then it sounds as if everyone did.

However, Skeffington was one of the very few Dodgson siblings to make a happy marriage, and was a most beloved father to his three daughters. He had pointedly not invited any of his family to his wedding, and Carroll only learned about it after it had happened.

Pity there is no record of the family tensions and dynamics hinted at in these letters.