We've still been discussing what makes a successful blog - there's some interesting stuff on one of the children's writing lists.

Successful bloggers are usually specialists, give sought-after facts from the horse's mouth, or are just fun to know. They are interested in new things, love to chat and pass the time of day. So, people like to drop by on their blogs and see what they are up to.

Dear Byrnie
I had a friend called Byrnie who was just like this, the neighbourhood's granny. Any time of the day (and almost night) you could knock on her door and she'd REALLY be glad you'd called, REALLY want to know what you were up to, and always had some interesting comment to make.

She died a few years ago aged 92 so blogging was never an option for her but if she'd been - hm - 80 years younger, I bet she'd have had lots of followers.

Except she'd probably not have had time to write, being too busy always dealing with her callers and making them cups of tea.