Carroll was a great storyteller - and he was undoubtedly more interested in telling stories than in writing them down. He'd like Mythstories, and so do I. For ages I've been a fan of theirs (a long-distance one, mostly, since I'm in London and they're in Shropshire.

Mythstories is a museum of stories, kept by storytellers Dez and Ali Quarrell. If you want to know how they make a museum out of stories, you'll have to go up to Wem, in Shropshire and see. If you can't do that, take a look at their new website. (If you are lucky enough to actually live in Shropshire, the site gives details of live events at the museum.)

Not only is Mythstories keeping alive many fine local stories, and wonderful traditional British tales, but they also have Asian stories - Gilgamesh, The Ramayana, etc. - and splendid French and Canadian tales, among others.

One of the people there - I think it's Dez - does nice illustrations to the stories. There are midi files attached to some of them which I am less keen on - I'm hoping they may one day find a local guitarist to donate some time to playing the tunes.

Their latest acquisition is a story jukebox, telling the local tale of Wild Edric. No, I don't know what a story jukebox is, though it looks pretty amazing from its picture. It'll be an excuse to go up to Shropshire and find out.