A song Carroll wrote at the age of 18 uses underworld slang. Called "Screams," it ends

"...He asked another, "Who's that cove?
And why's the Peeler got him?"

His friend replied, as on they went
"He's rather gone in liquor
He prigged the shiners off a gent
And neatly nabbed his ticker."

The idea of the teenage Carroll creeping round Croft on Tees with black mask, striped jersey and swagbag is appealing but I suppose he must have read this stuff in a book. It shows how he was fascinated by language even as a teenager. He'd probably have enjoyed this site, which includes some odd words which used to be slang and are now in the mainstream, as well as words which have faded ito quaint obscurity. And I wonder what he'd have made of this, on slangsite:
"To overcarrol: (Of science popularisers.) To unhelpfully or excessively use the works of Lewis Carroll as an analogy for particle physics weirdness.
Example: Good book? Yeah, but a bit of overcarrolling in the later chapters. "