Penmorfa in Ruins

Got a long letter about the Liddell's holiday home, Penmorfa. It came from CADW, which lists buildings of historical interest in Wales.

CADW says Penmorfa isn't architecturally valuable enough to save. They don't take account of its "supposed relationship" with Carroll because, they say, "while Dean Liddell?s daughter is known to have been the inspiration for Alice, there is no documentary evidence the Lewis Carroll ever visited Penmorfa (or indeed that he ever went to Llandudno at all) and it is known that he fell out with the Liddell family shortly after the house was completed."

The replacement building will apparently"reflect the original design of Penmorfa."

My impression of Penmorfa when I visited it some years ago was that it was a grim hotel which had been very badly modernised. It had no atmosphere at all. It could of course have been done up and put to an appropriate use, like an "Alice" centre. I just don't think Llandudno has ever been interested.