I think Grayson Perry is one of the most interesting artists working in England right now. He's fascinated by all shades of opinion in this country, its groups and moods, and so his work - most commonly pottery, sculpture or tapestry - usually gets smiles and nods of recognition.

His latest show, at London's Serpentine Gallery, is coming to an end, and so I'm glad I made it there. If you click this link you will see large images of some of the work from the show, and at the very top are what people were calling the Brexit Vases. Actually, their official title is "Matching Pair" Both were decorated with suggestions from people who voted for either Leave or Remain, and the two vases, one for Leave and one for Remain, stand for what Britain means to these two groups.

I quickly spotted something familiar.


Tenniel's White Rabbit appears in several places on the "Remain" vase. I wonder what this represents? A feeling of being too late? A feeling of wonderment or craziness? Or simply that "Alice" is one of the most quintessentially English books? If so, I wonder why nothing from "Alice" appeared on the Leave vase.
Whatever the reason for that, Perry says he finds it reassuring that the vases are actually so similar, despite their differences. And it seems that the country is apparently united on liking Marmite, at least!

The vases appeared on "Grayton Perry : Divided Britain" on Channel 4 last spring. If you missed that, you can read more about them here