Just been sorting out the photos of the Alice in Wonderland coffee shop in Tokyo- must be one of the most unusual "Alice" themed places around and we had a really nice visit there, with a group of Japanese Carrollians. That is my friend Yoshi outside, and the ceramic sign says "Koseto" which means Old Seto pottery. So as well as being about Alice, it's also about pottery.

As you see, the interior is quite traditional in style, with the dark wooden walls, horizontal lines and calm atmosphere. There is pottery of all types - from the multifarious teacup designs to some one-off items like a splendid curved pottery plant holder which is at least a metre high! But the potter had a special love of Alice, so that is the main theme.

We had fun choosing the cakes

...mostly of the sweet and sticky variety...

And the staff created a complete work of art - just as well we had a bit of time to sit and chat - this place is the opposite of fast food, which is part of which gives it such a relaxing atmosphere

When the food came it was fun - complete with a cheerful little ceramic dog.

I was puzzled by this, though - a little bottle with a golden stopper...

I was amazed to find that it contained brandy - to go in my tea. At first, I thought it must be to go on the cinnamon toast I had ordered.

I've never heard of brandy in tea, (although it went very well) and the Japanese hadn't heard of whisky in coffee, so perhaps next time any of them come to London we will try that!