Most of us were brought up with (or without, if possible) Venn Diagrams. For a while now, these have been replaced by Carroll diagrams, which are better and more versatile. His Game of Logic is on a ?Carroll diagram? board. I suppose he?d have been rather pleased to know his diagram had been adopted as part of the National Curriculum. Here?s a link to a really simple Carroll diagram which very young children could do, and some easy Carroll diagrams using numbers .

I always liked the idea of Carroll being psychedelic. There's no record he used mind altering drugs and didn't even smoke - in fact he was a homeopathic practitioner. But that doesn't mean much. He was not the slightest bit consistent, and is reported to have carried a flask of sherry around with him, which he used to drink instead of having lunch. Doesn't quite fit with his "anorexic" image (see below) but then nothing fitted together with Carroll. Here's Alice on acid which is not PC though makes me laugh.