Here are two website links to places where Carroll lived as a child. One is Croft-on-Tees, where he lived from age 11. He lived with his parents and his ten brothers and sisters in the large rectory, which still stands. This attractive village has links not only with Carroll but with Byron - not bad for such a tiny community!

The other places is Richmond, Yorkshire, where Carroll went off to school for the first time, at the age of 12. Carroll liked the small school which gave the children a lot of freedom and had a home like atmosphere. The site has a picture of the house where Carroll lived ? something I?ve never seen before. There?s also a picture of the schoolhouse: a real country place where the children were allowed to roam freely. It's still a school, but is due to be sold for redevelopment, so anyone who wants to see it when it's still a school needs to go soon.

Richmond was the first time Carroll had ever been away from home. He must hardly ever have had the experience of having to stand on his own feet outside his family circle. Yet he must have been secure in himself, because he managed well. He enjoyed his time in Richmond, remembered it well and kept in touch with people from the school for many years afterwards.