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Reviews - and The Daresbury Chronicle

I'm glad to say that THE MYSTERY OF LEWIS CARROLL has had a lot of reviews and attention. Some of the major US and UK press reviews are on the REVIEWS page of this site

Here are links to some of the other reviews, news stories and blog comments. Please let me know if you spot any more.

I'm only including those which have a reasonable amount to say - not all of it entirely favourable, but then you can't please everyone! I have omitted any links I can't get to work right now and anything in a non-English language - articles have appeared in several countries as widely apart as Finland and Chile:

The London Times News Review article

Lenny's Alice in Wonderland Site Review

Camden New Journal


Charles Paolino's blog

Bookgasm blog

New York Times article

Nayu's Reading Corner blog

Manila Bulletin


Warchild13 blog

Book Legion

Alice 2010

A Fanciful Twist

Gosh TV

Bleeding Espresso blog

Clarion Friends Blog


The Toronto Star

The Boston Globe news story

I haven't included TV or radio links since these tend to change or disappear, but I've made an exception for Psychjourney which is a collection of podcasts that stays up permanently

The Daresbury Chronicle.

Lewis Carroll was born in Daresbury Cheshire in 1832. Daresbury has its own Lewis Carroll Society, and we are making the most recent edition of their Journal available, by permission of their editor Roger Wright.